Hussain (as) is alone in the land of Karbala. He is surrounded from all corners. Arrows are fired hitting him from all directions like rain. Hussain (as) falls to the ground.

Zainab (sa) is watching. She calls out “I wish the heavens had fallen upon the earth!" She was near Hussain (as) when Umar Ibn Sa’d came close to her flanked by some of his men. -
Imam Hussain (as) was drawing his last breath. She cried out, “O Umar! Should Abu Abdullah be killed as you look on?!..Woe unto you! Is there any Muslim man among you?” None answered her.

Then Umar Ibn Sa’d shouted at people, “Alight and put him to rest!” -
Al-Shimr approached Imam Hussain (as). He kicked the Imam (as) with his foot then sat on his chest and took hold of his holy beard. He dealt him twelve sword strokes and then severed his sacred head... Wa Hussainiaa!!

The Text from : instagram : ahlulbayttv

picture from : instagram : al_moussawi