Who is Ali asghar ?
Ali Asghar , was the youngest child of Al-Husayn and Rubab bint Imra’ al-Qays . He was martyred during the Battle of Karbala’, and is commemorated in Shi‘ism as the "personified quintessence of the innocent victim ."
Rubab and her two children , Sakina and Ali Asghar , accompanied Husayn to Karbala’.
In hagiography about the Battle , Husayn's camp at one time was cut off from water supplies and so Husayn went to Yazid's besieging forces to plead water for the women and children in his camp .
Husayn had brought along Ali Asghar for mercy , but Yazid's soldiers then killed Ali by an arrow to his throat .
Ali Asghar was killed by Hurmala with a three-headed arrow .
At Karbala , Ali Asghar was only six months old . He is honored by Shia as the youngest person killed at the Battle of Karbala .
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