Today , the world is filled with oppression and tyranny . Take notice of what tormentors are doing . Observe what they are doing in Palestine , what they are doing in Iraq , what they are doing in various countries , what they are doing with the nations of the world ; what they are doing to the poor , what they are doing with the national wealth of the countries. Hussain Ibn Ali's (AS) movement extends through all these areas. Imam Hussain(as) taught a lesson not only to Shi’a and other Muslims but also to all freemen of the world .
The leader of the Indian Nationalist Movement { Mahatma Gandhi } mentioned Hussain Ibn Ali (as) about seventy years ago and said , “ I have learned from him .” Moreover , he was Hindu , he was not a Muslim at all .
He has the same impact among the Muslims . This is the story of Imam Hussain , and you are the curator of such invaluable treasure from which all humankind can benefit .            -  Ayatollah Khamenei, Jan 9, 2008