The martyr Morteza Motahhari , years before the Revolution , would be the one to say , "I swear to God that today's Shimr is the Israeli prime minister ." These words had such a great impact then and ring true today .
We condemn Shimr because we want to root out influence that has led others to behave like Shimr - in this world . { Shimr killed Muhammad ’s grandson Hussain Ibn Ali at the Battle of Karbala .} We condemn Yazid and Obeidollah because we are opposed to tyrannical rulers ; from rulers such as Yazid , to the rulers of indulgence and hedonism , and to the rulers of oppression over believers around the globe . Hussain ibn Ali (as) rose to power in order to defeat and eradicate governments opposed to Islamic , human and divine values: he did so by uprising .
Our gatherings must be Hussaini gatherings , gatherings against oppression , gatherings against monarchy ; gatherings against Shimrs , Yazids and Ibn Ziads of the present time . And this is the continuation of Imam Hussain's (as) story .                        Ayatollah Khamenei , Jan 9 , 2008