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دانلود ویدیو : دریافت

دانلود همراه با کاور در ثانیه اول فیلم ( مناسب برای انتشار در اینستاگرام ) : دریافت

دانلود ویدیو ( زیر نویس فارسی ) : دریافت

دانلود ویدیو زیر نویس عربی : دریافت


What is the bloody rain?

Reliable European sources such as the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, the Chronicle of the Princes and the Welsh Chronicle had been recording the rain of blood.

These sources have confirmed the occurrence of this type of rain in several areas such as Rome, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and many other regions.

The rain that worried the people of that era of the God's punishment and turned everything to bloody colour!

Also, several Shiite and Sunni scripts such as Bihar al Anwar and Majma‘ al Kabir reported this incident from the prophet of Islam to be relevant to the  martyrdom of Imam Hossein (AS) in Karbala.

According to European sources, this event dates back to 685 AD while the Ashura incident occurred in 680 AD.

As stated by European history scholars, recording and writing of historical incidents started 300 years after the Ashura event based on oral history.

The basis of the Gregorian calendar is passing of the days while the Islamic or lunar calendar is based on moonrise and passing of the nights.

So it seems to be normal to have four or five years difference between the Gregorian and Islamic calendar