Who is Wahab?
(A brief introduction)
⬇⬇⬇ Wahab son of Abdullah Al-Kalby was a Christian, who was accompanied by his newly married wife and mother. All of them declared their Islam before Imam Hussain (pbuh) on the way to Karbala. During the Battle between Holy Imam (pbuh) and his enemies Wahab’s mother said: “My son, go and support the son of God’s messenger.” That is what I intend to put my best resolve into. Wahab replied. He rode to the battlefield saying: “If you deny me. I am the son of Al-Kalby. You’ll see me and my fighting. And learn of my strength and steady fastness.” Wahab killed some of them and returned to his mother and said: Mother are you satisfied with me? I’ll never be satisfied until you are killed for the cause of Imam Hussain (pbuh).

The text from : son_of_man1214

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